Electrical Grouting Pump

Epoxy Grouting

Myto is one of the amazing grouting pumps manufacturers in India. It is known for its quality and performance, meeting challenging requirement of the client of different applications.

The waterproof grouting machine is for crack repair.The high pressure delivers the material to the center of wall crack,the material diffuse from center to all direction.The material fast reacts with water and hardens to plug up the crack permanently and stop the water leaking.

This high pressure injection machine can stop the water immediately. Especially for stop the big running water, this method is very fast and efficient.

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Technical Parameters

Liquid Handling :- Epoxy
Discharge :- 60 LPH
Pressure :- 5000 PSI

Features and Benefits

Easy to install and works efficiently

Low maintenance hence Inexpensive to run

Quickly ready for operation

Wide range of viscosities and specific gravities

High tolerance of entrained air and gases High tolerance of contamination

Extremely rugged and reliable design