Foam Generator

Foam Generator

The Positive Displacement Pumps has unique pumping principle applied employs a highly precision manufactured Metallic Single helical rotor turning inside a double internal helical resilient stator. Thereby forming cavities confined by a “Sealing Line” which is maintained at stand still and during rotation. While the rotor rotates in the stator, the cavity formed between them progresses from suction to delivery side, gently carrying the medium.

In this Foam Generator the necessary chemicals are mixed with water and pumped to a foam generator. The foam generator froths the liquid into a consistent foam with small bubbles. The foam is then piped to the foam applicator often consisting of two rolls forming a nip. The nonwoven fiber web runs through the nip and is saturated by the foam.

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Features and Benefits

Easy to install and works efficiently

Low maintenance hence Inexpensive to run

Quickly ready for operation

Wide range of viscosities and specific gravities

High tolerance of entrained air and gases High tolerance of contamination

Extremely rugged and reliable design