Food & Beverage


The Positive Displacement Pumps has unique pumping principle applied employs a highly precision manufactured Metallic Single helical rotor turning inside a double internal helical resilient stator. Thereby forming cavities confined by a “Sealing Line” which is maintained at stand still and during rotation. While the rotor rotates in the stator, the cavity formed between them progresses from suction to delivery side, gently carrying the medium.

MYTO Pump is largely used in food processing & Beverages industries. Designed according to the strictest hygiene standards, these pumps are appreciated for product respect and steady flow. This technology is ideal for dairy products (milk, eggs, and yogurts etc). There are also prevalent in the sector of fruit handling, assist in agricultural food production and are used in the cosmetic industry to produce and maintain high quality products whilst promoting the latest level of hygiene standards.

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Technical Parameters

Liquid Handling :- Liquor Products
Capacity :- Max. 40 M3/Hr
Pressure :-Max. 40 Kg/cm2
Temperature:- Max. 120 °c
Viscosity :- 100,000 cST

Features and Benefits

Easy to install and works efficiently

Low maintenance hence Inexpensive to run

Quickly ready for operation

Wide range of viscosities and specific gravities

High tolerance of entrained air and gases High tolerance of contamination

Extremely rugged and reliable design